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SW Bible Training Institute

We believe in Training Every Believer to serve the Lord

Our Beliefs

Our Methods

SBTI makes use of one of the most exacting methods of education today, PIM (Programmed Instructional Method). What better method is suited to learning, than by using a computer?

Each course is divided into several books. Each book is divided into chapters. And each chapter is divided into sections and even sub-sections. This is so the learning takes place in small steps.

The student progresses through the course step by step. He must learn the material in each step before he can proceed to the next step.

The fact that the student must focus his thoughts many times on the same bit of information impresses it upon his memory and improves retention.

First he reads it in the text. Then he reads a question about it. Next he thinks about it and chooses his answer. Then the computer tells him if the answer is correct. If it is not correct it shows him the correct answer, takes him back to the question and lets him choose the correct answer and then moves ahead. There are review questions at the end of each chapter and then there is a Final Exam (called STEP TEST) at the end of the lesson.

The student advances at his own pace so he can go slowly or he may go faster if he is understanding the material faster.